TradeDoor - How to Use the TradeDoor

The TradeDoor is an end to end job management programme that can be used either on its own, with your accounting package, or any combination of these two models -  and because it is all online it’s as mobile as you are!

The TradeDoor is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle.

It’s made up of lots of different pieces, each representing part of the your business and your account with Crane.

The TradeDoor Work FlowYou can use these pieces on their own for reference only e.g. to look up a price or an invoice every now and then, or you can fit them  together to form the stages in the lifecycle of a job, and manage your business online.

Alternatively you can fit these pieces together with pieces from your own software.

Reference Model

Job Management Model

The Integration Model

Integration Model:

Some customers will take parts from all models

The important thing to note is that there is no right or wrong way to use the TradeDoor.






TradeDoor - Organisation

The TradeDoor is divided into two sections; My Crane Account, and My Jobs & Customers.

My Crane Account

Provides customers with access to their account online, so they can:

My Jobs & Customers

Allows a customer can manage their business online:


TradeDoor - My Account

My Crane Account

My Account Definition
Invoices/Credit Notes Invoices & Credit Notes from Crane
Statements Your Monthly Statement from Crane
Account Balance The Balance of Your Account with Crane
Request Address Change The address associated with your Crane Account


Products & Pricing Definition
Product Search Online Product Catalogue
Download Price Files Access to data files for importing into other software
Upcoming Price Changes Declared Supplier Price Changes
Frequently Ordered Items Current Pricing for All Products Purchased over the last 12 months


Quotes & Orders Definition
Track Your Orders Place and track your orders online
Outstanding Credits Follow up outstanding credits (adjustments) online
Branch Quotes Search & Review Quotes from Your Local Branch



TradeDoor - My Jobs & Customers

My Jobs & Customers is where you can manage your business online.

My Customer Documents Definitions
Customer Quotes Create and save quotes for your customers online
Customer Invoices Save your quotes as invoices or convert projects into invoices
Customer Credit Notes Credit your customers for overcharges


My Projects Definition
My Projects Virtual file folders for filing invoices into for managing your expenditure on a job


Setup Definitions
My Stock Maintain a catalogue of stock you don't source from Crane (e.g. your labour & transport)
My Templates Create job templates to produce quotes & invoices with the click of a button
My Customers Maintain your client list online
Terms & Conditions Set up default terms and conditions for Quotes & Invocies
My Logos & Letterhead Upload your logo to print out on your Quotes & Invoices or Leave space for your letterhead



TradeDoor - What the icons mean?

As you navigate around the TradeDoor you'll notice some incons that recur throughout the application, here is a brief summary of what each of them means:

Icon Definitions
Create New Create something new e.g. a new customer, a new item (e.g. Labour rate), a new Quote or Invoice
Edit/View More Information Click on this icon to open or display more information about the item it appears next to
Add to Template Click on this to either add selected items to a template or to use items from a template
Select All/Select None Tick inside the check box to select the thing you want to either open, print, email, download, delete etc
Search Click this button to search for something e.g. a product, an invoice, a customer etc
Save Click on this to save changes you've made e.g. a customer address, or a Quote that is in progress
Add to Quote Click this to add the selected items to a Quote for one of your customers
Add to Project Click this to add the selected invoices to a Project to monitory your expenditure on a job
Download as a PDF Click this to open the selected items in PDF format
Add to My Stock Click this to use an item from your own catalogue or add a new item to it e.g. a new Labour Rate
Add to Customer Invoice Click this to add an item to a Customer Invoice
email Click this to email the selected item(s) to someone
Download Click this to download the selected item(s)
Delete Click this to delete the selected item(s)
Crane Products Click this to add a product from our catalogue
Clear All Search Filters Click this to clear your last search
Choose Date Click this to select a date
Back to List View Click this to return to the list view
Archive Click this to archive something e.g. an old quote or paid invoice