Adding a New Customer

More often than not you'll add customers as you're building a Quote or Invoice for them, however you can also add your customers through the My Customers Tab this way they are conveniently available for access when setting up  a Quote, Tax Invoice or Credit.

My Customers

 Click on the My Customer link and you will be able to edit or create a new entry as shown below

Edit My Customer listing

Once you've entered this information, simply Click  the button and the customer will be added to your client list to be used on Quotes & Invoices.


Editing a Customer

Occasionally you'll want to edit a customer's contact details, for example to update a change of address, phone number or email address.

To do this simply click on the name of the customer you want to edit.

This will open up the form, where you can update the existing details by simply overwriting what is there with the new details and clicking the save button, this will display a message at the top of the form explaining that your Customer has been updated.

To return to the Customer list, simply click the  button.


Archiving Customers

If you do one off work for lots of different customers, you might want to start archiving some of these, so you don't have to wade through all of them looking for your regular customers when you're creating quotes or invoices

To archive a customer simply open them from the Summary Screen then click on the  button,  this will display a confirmation message at the top of the screen explaining that the Customer has been Archived.

Note: Remember this does not delete the record.


Retrieving Customers from Your Archive

Occasionally you'll need to retrieve a customer from your Archive, for example someone you did a one off job for years ago might shift house and want something else done.

Reactivating Customers is just as easy as archiving them, simply change the Archived Filter to Arhcived only and open the Cutomers Details and then select the  Unarchive Button  


This will display a message at the top of the screen saying the customer has been unarchived and you are returned to the summary scrren.


Deleting Customers

Note: You are not able to delete a customer you have made a Quote/Invoice for in the past, you won't be able to tell who you quoted or invoiced - therefore we recommend archving these customers instead.

However there will be times when you want to delete a customer entry, for example if you accidentally set up the same customer twice, but before you delete the entry, make sure you assign all quotes, invoices and projects to the entry you want to keep.

Once you've done this, to delete a customer simply click to edit the customer you want to delete and once open select   .


This will pop up a message asking if you are sure you want to delete this item, if you change your mind click Cancel otherwise Click Ok and the Customer will be deleted from your client list.