Upcoming Price Changes

Upcoming Price Changes as the name suggests lists suppliers who have indicated that they are changing thier prices shortly.

To keep up to date with these click on Upcoming Price Changes under My Account.

This will take you to a page displaying the suppliers, the product ranges, the change and the effective date of the price change.

These may be spread over several pages, so you can either click through the pages or search for a particular supplier by entering their name into the Supplier Search box and clicking the Search button.


Email Notification of Price Changes

In addition to being able to view upcoming price changes online, you can also sign up to receive these notifications via email.

To sign up for these click on Email Preferences under Settings.

This will take you to the page where you set your communication preferences, to sign up for price change notifications simple select the Enabled Check box, enter the email address you want them sent to and click the Save button.


Search Upcoming Price Changes by Supplier

If you want to find out if a supplier is changing thier prices any time soon simply enter all or part of their name into the supplier search box and click the search button.

This will return all price changes for any ranges from that particular area of the site.

As with other areas of the site you can combine this search with the Effective Date search, and to start over simply click the Clear All Filters search.


Search Upcoming Price Changes by Date

Some months price changes might be spread over more than one page, so to save you from having to go through every page to find the suppliers who are changing their prices next month, you can search by an effective date.

To do this click on the Effective Date calendar icon, and choose the date you want to search by and click the search button.

This will return all suppliers changing thier prices on that date.

As with other areas of the site, to start your search again, simply click Clear All Filters