Adding Your Address

To set up your address, simply click the button.

This will open a form where you need to enter a Title (Company Name), address, email adress and GST/ABN Number.

If you don't have printed letterhear or a logo this is all you have to enter so scroll down to the bottom and click the button.

The only other thing you might want to change is whether your quotes and invocies contain borders or not, by default they do so if you want to change that you need to tick the Omit Borders & Outlines Check  Box.

You can add as many addresses as you like using this process for example you might have a Plumbing Business and a seperately branded HVAC business, which you want to invoice seperately from.


Editing Your Address

From time to time you might need to change the address that shows on your Quotes & Invoices, for example, you might move, or you might change phone number or email address, or you might get a new logo.

So to edit your address simply click on the name of the address you want to edit, this will open up the address form where you can overwrite the existing details with your updated details.

If you want to upload a new logo simply follow the same steps you used to upload the old logo and it will save it over the top of the old one.

Just remember to click the button after making any changes.

To return to your address list, click the Back to Address List button.


Printing on Letterhead

If you already have printed letterhead you'll probably just want to print your quotes and invoices directly onto this, so we've provided you with some formatting options for this under PDF Output Options.

First of all you need to decide how much space to leave at the top of your quotes and invoices for your letterhead.

Secondly you need to decide whether you want to leave space for the leatterhead on every page or just the first page only.


Uploading Your Logo

NB: If you want your logo to appear at the top of your invoices and credit notes, you need to set the Letterhead Space to None (use logo) under the PDF Output Options.

To upload a logo, first of all you need a logo saved as a JPG somewhere on your computer.

Once you've got a logo saved somewhere, click the Browse button under Logo options and navigate to where you saved your logo to, highlight it by clicking on it and click the open button.

Then choose how you want the logo aligned (left, right or centre) and click the Add button.

From now on when you choose to produce Quotes and/or Invoices from this Address they'll be produced with this logo on them.


Deleting Your Address

There might come a time when you want to delete an address, for example, you might decide to close down your HVAC sideline and just concentrate on Plumbing.

To delete an address simply click the next to the address you want to delete, this will pop open a message asking you if you're sure you want to delete the item, if you don't click Cancel, otherwise Click Ok and the Item will be deleted.